Preparing for Inspection

Preparation is simple but critical:

I'm determined to perform a full inspection of the home you are contemplating, but all too often I encounter limitations. Utilities not on, pilots not lit, crawl space openings too small, and most commonly of all, areas are unsafe to enter or inaccessible because of debris, furniture, or excessive storage of personal items. 

Get everyone on board:

Make sure the owners, occupants, and any involved realtors understand and agree to the following requirements:

1) All utilities need to be on (electric, water, gas). I CANNOT turn on valves, circuit breakers, or disconnect switches, nor can I light pilots or plug in anything that isn't already plugged in. 

     - If the heating and air conditioning systems do not respond to the thermostat, I cannot test them.

     - If the electricity is not on, I cannot test the electrical system or anything else powered by electricity.

     - If the water is not on, I cannot test the plumbing system or any fixtures that use water.

     - If the gas is not on, I cannot test any components fueled by gas. 

2) I cannot move furniture or stored items to observe inaccessible areas.

3) Crawl spaces and attics must be accessible and safe to enter. Minimum opening is 18 by 24 inches. 

4) Animals should be removed or confined. 

5) Make sure everyone understands that I may arrive early to begin the inspection of the exterior (although if it is raining really hard, I may request to jump right into the attic first - it's a golden opportunity to find leaks!). 

6) Have the owner or occupants post notices on the operating controls or faucets of any defective or leaking components, so that I don't cause damage by operating them. 

If the contract is not out of attorney review, or if any addendum remains to be signed by either party, please contact me immediately. 

Snow cover?

If the ground and / or roof are snow covered during the time of inspection, then upon your request I will make one return trip to the property at no charge, IF the snow melts before the expiry of your inspection contingency agreement.


If you have any questions, please call me at (201) 477-8573 (seven days a week). 

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