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Preparing For Radon Testing In NJ

Preparing For Radon Testing In NJ

In order for valid Radon test measurements to be obtained:


1) “Closed House” Conditions:

N.J.A.C. 7:28-27.2 requires the following conditions be observed for 12 hours prior to the start of the test, and be maintained for the entire time the radon canister is in the home (up to 6 days): EVERY window & door to the exterior (on every floor of the house) must be kept closed (except for normal entry and exit).  All external/internal air exchange systems such as fireplaces, window air conditioners on “fresh air” setting, window, attic, and all other exhaust fans are to remain off. Furnaces and central air conditioning can be used, as may window air conditioning units if they are on a “recirculate” setting. It might be useful to inform homeowners that leaving windows open on upper floors can actually *increase* the level of radon in the basement level. These requirements have been in effect since about 1986. If anyone doubts that every window and door on all floors of the home must be kept closed except for normal entry and exit, please direct them to the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Radon Protection Element’s web site at: 

2) Placement:

PLEASE check with the owner to determine if there are any areas where they do NOT want the radon canister placed because it will obstruct normal daily activity (e.g., on a laundry folding table). Unless you advise the radon measurement technician BEFORE the moment the radon canister is placed, the canister will be placed in a location using the technician’s professional judgment in accordance with state rules and regulations, and then the canister is REQUIRED to remain in place undisturbed until it is picked up. Under NO circumstances will the technician return to the site to move the canister, as this would officially invalidate the test.  

3) Pickup:

Please make sure arrangements can be made for our technician to pick up the canister within the allowable two-to-six-day time frame. If the canister cannot be picked up within this time frame, another measurement will have to be performed for a $169.00 retest fee. 

4) Avoid extra visits:

Should ALL of the above-listed conditions not be maintained for the entire time the radon canister is in the home, the test is invalidated and a $ 169.00 retesting fee will apply. A $ 69.00 fee will also apply for a second trip to place the radon canister if it cannot be placed during the inspection for any reason.


If you have questions about an impending radon test: Please call (201) 477-8573 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. business days, and till 6 p.m. other days.

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